Cornell Tech


Projects from the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA


Weather is a beautiful 3D phenomenon but we consume it in 2D. AccuWeather AR will allow users to see the weather forecast unfold before their eyes and create shareable and personalized weather clips. This will unlock a new social media opportunity for AccuWeather, driving engagement and retention. For our github and slides click here.


Here is an Augmented Reality application for people to discover hidden layers of information in the city. With Here, users can leave notes, sounds, or virtual graffiti attached to any object in the environment. Explorers roaming the city can pick up these notes to travel back in time and get the authentic feel of the city.


Product studio is at the center of Cornell Tech. Teams of developers, MBAs, and designers answer challenges issued by over 100 companies. Samsung asked us - “How might we create new devices or physical interfaces to connect people over long distances?”

For our github and slides click here.