Cornell Tech


Projects from my time as an MBA Candidate at Johnson Cornell Tech

Here was a project at the Mindstate Hackathon during the Cornell Tech I-Trek to Israel.

Product Management: Aviv Sheriff

Video: Nurit Koniak, Ayala Tal, Avihai Amar

UX & Narration: Emily Tesng, Christopher Caulfield

Product Development: Cyrus Ghazanfar, Michael Rubin, Yonathan Nadel


Here is an Augmented Reality application for people to discover hidden layers of information in the city. With Here, users can leave notes, sounds, or virtual graffiti attached to any object in the environment. Explorers roaming the city can pick up these notes to travel back in time and get the authentic feel of the city.

Product Studio

Product studio is at the center of Cornell Tech. Teams of developers, MBAs, and designers answer challenges issued by over 100 companies.

My team’s challenge was “How might we create new devices or physical interfaces to connect people over long distances?”, by Samsung’s Innovation Center in NYC.

In response, we developed two paired devices that mimic the personal caress of a loved one with physical feedback and touch. The devices are designed like modular jewelry that can be worn creatively and their high resolution of input and output allows users to create their own languages by learning the interface.

The full semester’s work including Github code and presentations are available online - click here to visit our billboard at Cornell Tech.