// Sketching

// Charcoal sketches of an egg

// Sketch of a water bottle

// Variations on a Water Bottle

Technical Sketch of an Electrical Plug

// DIY Making Projects for Children

Axonometric Sketching

Jacqueline in a Box


// Interactive Recycling Bin

// Plays a cat sound when paper is recycled

// Personal Projects

// Kitchen iPad Stand

// First Arduino Project - Blinking LED

This musical instrument uses two speakers to play pentatonic scales at intervals of one third. The input is a light sensor that increases pitch with more light and decreases pitch as it becomes darker. The tones of the pentatonic scale create a consonant and modal sound and the intervals produced by the two speakers combine well harmonically due to the qualities of the pentatonic scale.

Double-toned Pentatonic Theremin Instrument

The Beethoven Button

Bread board for the Beethoven Button project.

Bread board for the Beethoven Button project.

// White Boards

// Planning Research

// Designing CataKit

// Competitive Video Games


Starcraft II

is a complex online strategy game. I achieved the rank of Grandmaster, awarded to the top 200 players in the world.